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How to eat more fruit salad

Published 1 year ago at 29 Jul 2020 by Alexandra Soare

We all know fruit is a must in summer! How can we get more of it? That's easy! Learn the following fruit hacks. You will be able to prepare a great fruit salad in no time! Let's start with pomegranate!

How to Cut Pomegranate

Pomegranate also known als granada is one of the best fruit you can have during summer. It contains a lot of antioxidants, which is what you need this season. However, pomegranate is a tricky fruit to cut and consume ... unless you use this hack. I learn it from a Peruvian college and it has been pretty easy since then.

Pomegranate fruit hack

The first step is to remove the base with a knife. This will allow you to notice the different segments of the fruit. Now cut it into sections (not too deep) and separate them slowly. The only thing left is to remove the seeds and enjoy this great fruit!

How to Cut Pitaya

Pitaya, also known as dragon fruit, has an awesome combination of micronutrients! Take advantage of this "white kiwi" by learning this quick hack!

Pitaya fruit hack

The secret is pretty easy! You just have to cut it in half and then use a spoon to extract the white fruit. I think a lot of people get intimidated by the strong appearance of this fruit! After all, it is called dragon fruit! Don`t miss the oppportunity and try it out.

How to Cut Oranges

I know what you are thinking: why would I need a hack on how to eat oranges. After all, it is pretty basic. Well, there is another way that will save you even more time. I just found out about this hack a few months ago and I have to share it with you, take a look!

Orange fruit hack

A simple spoon will do the trick. Cut the tops with a sharp knife. Now insert the spoon under the skin to separate from the juicy part. It is pretty fast and easy, Just make sure to not go too deep with the spoon and get the juice out.


There you go! Thanks to the previous fruit hacks now you can prepare as many fruit salad as you want. If you need more food hacks, check the following tricks and tips. Having a healthy lifestyle starts with small steps, if you want to accelerate the process, sign up for the FREE 7-day-healthy-challenge down below!

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