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7 hot chocolates with berries, kumquat, white chocolate, coconut and nuts

The perfect hot chocolate

Published 2 years ago at 17 Jan 2020 by Alexandra Soare

Has this ever happen to you? You were expecting a super intense hot chocolate, so you add milk, cocoa and sugar only left to be with a "watery" mix?

Don´t worry about it! We have all been there! I will teach you how to make it dense. And with super-low calories!

Before and after hot chocolate with starch

Here is the secret: corn starch (also known as maize starch). This is a common food ingredient mainly used in soups and sauces. Because the taste is very neutral, it is not going to disrupt the main flavors of your dish - it is only going to add volume and texture!

How do I make low-calorie hot chocolate?

The main ingredients for hot chocolate are:

  • milk
  • cocoa
  • sugar

But what if we can replace the processed sugar with a far healthier and more effective alternative? Let me present to you the best substitute = the complex carbohydrates in fruits.

Why complex carbs?

They are found mainly in fruits and vegetables and are called "complex" because they are composed of long chains of fiber. These chains indeed contain sugar, but they need more time to digest. This means we can still feel the sweetness of the fruit while consuming fewer calories.

Do you want to see how you can do it practically? Here you can find 8 healthy recipes + 1 for marshmallow lovers! Let´s start!

White hot chocolate with berries Super antioxidant

This is the hot chocolate you need the most in winter. In the study "Seasonality of food groups and total energy intake" scientists observed that fruit consumption decreases in winter and spring while cheese and alcohol consumption increases. For this reason, we should find creative ways to integrate fruits into our diet!

Hot chocolate with Goji


Exotic #1  




Food on Mars is a website that wants to give you nutritional advice based on science! That´s why at the end of the blog article you will find all the links referencing the scientific studies. One link you should definitely check is the one about the Goji fruits! They are used for centuries in Asia as herbal medicine and recently more studies confirmed their healing properties.

Hot chocolate with banana  After workout

Sodium and potassium are the micronutrients that we should most take care of after exercise. They get lost in sweat and we can replace them easily with a medium banana (450 mg of potassium). Chocolate will provide the body with magnesium that will protect you from muscle cramps. But be aware, only the dark type!

Hot chocolate with strawberries



Romantic evening 






There is no scientific study that supports strawberries as aphrodisiacs. This idea started in Ancient Rome because these fruits represented Venus, the planet of love. For some reason, shrimps are considered better aphrodisiacs, but we are not here to complicate our lives! Use strawberries for a nice evening with your loved ones!

Hot chocolate with nuts


  Healthy fats




In winter your body needs more fat, it is a fact! Check my e-book for all the essentials on surviving winter. But not all fats are the same. While the scientific community is debating on which is the healthiest, all scientists agree that unsaturated fats like Omega-3 and Omega-6 are in the top league.

Hot chocolate with kumquat




The main ingredient of this hot chocolate is called Kumquat. The great thing about these small oranges is that you don´t have to peel them. Yes, they are a bit sour but this works well with the white chocolate! 

Hot chocolate with coconut  Coconut mustache

I want to call this one coconut mustache because when I drank it for the first time I got a white mustache and this was a very funny experience for everyone at the table! Definitely a nice way to entertain your guests!

Hot chocolate with goldenberries


Exotic #2 


Goldenberries are definitely exotic fruits. They were first cultivated by Incas. They have very little calories (53 kcal) but offer a lot of micronutrients like vitamin C, thiamin, and niacin.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows  Marshmallow time

Enough with healthy choices! It is time to relax and have a treat! Why not use marshmallows? I promise I won´t tell anyone! ;)

Let me know which one you enjoyed the most and let´s stay in touch! You can connect with me on any social media platform down bellow!


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Hot chocolate

10 min

Serves 2


  • Sugar
  • chocolate
  • Milk


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