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8 homemade avocado ideas

The best avocado toast ideas

Published 2 years ago at 06 May 2020 by Alexandra Soare

Great to see you here! I am happy you are actively looking for ways to eat healthier!  I am Alex, a registered dietitian and I wrote this guide for you! Eating healthy can be confusing and many have good intentions and motivations but simply don´t know from where to start. That´s why I combined the best advice in the nutritional world, so you don´t have to worry about it and you can simply start making progress.

"Well begun is half done"  Aristotle

The snow that caused an avalanche

You were probably heard of detox, fasting, keto; they all promise unattainable results and are often disappointing. Plus you go through a lot of pain and hunger. Can you agree that disappointment and hunger are not the way to go?

How about starting instead this experiment: Imagine each day having a healthy snack. In the beginning, it might look like nothing is happening. Like a snowflake that just landed, it might feel like he is small and insignificant. But the moment it starts gaining traction, rolling from the hill, it will be a powerful avalanche. 

Start with one.. but start!

The reason why you should start with avocado is because of:

  • high amount of healthy fats (the ones that you need)
  • easy to prepare
  • many combinations
  • impress your guests and family

#1  Avocado as a base

The first step is to crush the avocado. Cut it in half, remove the seed and crush it directly inside the skin. Now you can add different spices. Personally I love to add some lemon, salt, pepper and fresh coriander.

Step two is to toast your bread. As a nutritionist, I recommend using dark bread or bread with seeds, like sunflower, for some extra healthy fats.

Step three: Add something on top to make it interesting. In this case, I am adding mushrooms for the Vitamin D3. Mushrooms and salmon are the best sources (and only sources sometimes) of this very important vitamin.

Avocado and mushroom toast

#2 Avocado slices

Start by cutting the avocado into thin slices. You can have it also thicker but it will take away the attention from your other ingredients.

Step two is to toast your bread. As I said before, as a nutritionist, I recommend using dark bread or bread with seeds, like sunflower, for some extra healthy fats.

Step three: Start adding tomato slices as they work perfectly in combination with avocado. Parmigiano cheese is also a great addition, as it works with literally anything! For some healthy fats, chia seeds and pumpkin seed are a must!

Avocado and tomato slices toast

#3 Guacamole toast

Last but not least.. What is the best way to eat avocado? As guacamole! I will make soon a blog article on the perfect guacamole recipe, till then, add some tomatoes, lime, coriander and to accentuate the flavor, a little bit of salt and pepper and enjoy it slowly :) ⁣

Guacamole and cucumber toast

Well begun is half done

Remember why you were looking for healthy snacks in the first place? The fact that you are actively looking for ways to make progress is already half-done! Don´t stop your progress now! Join the 7-day healthy challenge! You will get support and motivation via email each day. Try a healthy snack each day and share your progress with a lovely community.

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