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7 springroll ideas

Springtime with spring rolls

Published 2 years ago at 17 Apr 2020 by Alexandra Soare

After the long winter, it is time to enjoy the freshness of fruits and vegetables rolled in a delicate but delicious rice paper.

Spring rolls originated in China and became the most famous snack during the Spring festivals. During the cold season, everyone had to endure preserved and canned food without much taste. Spring rolls were a curious and fun way to add again veggies in your day to day.

How to prepare spring rolls?

You eat with your eyes first. I have to admit that it took me some time before I figured out how to make a perfect roll. Sometimes I added too many ingredients, sometimes the rice paper would break (yes, it is a bit delicate). I will share with you the best practices down here. Don´t get discouraged and experiment with it! It can also couple activity. You will have fun!

6 steps spring roll preparation

1)Make sure you have rice paper. Make it soft by adding some water on top and under. But don´t use too much water because it is very fragile. You have to make a few experiments before you get the right consistency, so don´t get discouraged. [wink]
2) Add the ingredients you want to have under on the left side, while the main ingredient should be added on the right side.
3) Start from the top. Take carefully the rice paper and cover the ingredients. Do the same with the bottom part.
4) Now it is the turn of the left side. Take the rice paper and cover the ingredients. Roll everything slowly in the right direction till the end! There you! Now you can also make spring rolls!

Shrimps spring rolls

Get your Omega-3 boost with these delicious shrimps. Find out why Omega-3 is so popular and why you should find as many ways as possible to integrate it in your diet.

Shrimp spring roll for Omega 3

Avocado and sesame spring rolls

Did you know avocado contains more potassium than bananas? Also, it is loaded with fiber, which makes him a perfect ingredient for your spring rolls! Add sesame seeds to add variety to your diet. They contain nutrients that you need daily.

Avocado spring roll for potassium

Mango and passion fruit spring rolls

Mango is your friend when it comes to immunity boost and clear skin. Thanks to the carotenoids it can also make your eyes stronger! While passion fruit has a very high amount of antioxidants!

Mango spring roll for clean skin

Kiwi rice spring rolls

Kiwi is truly the best! It improves your sleep and it makes your skin glow! Many find it too acid, that´s why it is a great idea to combine it with ingredients that have a neutral taste and get the best of both worlds.

Kiwi spring roll for fiber

Mandarin spring rolls

Mandarin and lettuce are a great combo when it comes to fiber intake and antioxidants! Especially on hot summer days, this snack will feel very refreshing and will help you integrate micronutrients that you lose when you sweat.

Mandarin spring roll for digestion

Strawberry spring rolls

A great combo: gluten-free rice paper with lettuce and the sweetness of the strawberry. These fruits have so many essential micronutrient like vitamin C, manganese and also contain folate (vitamin B9) and potassium.

Strawberry spring rolls for antioxidants

Impress your guests

Now you can invite your friends and family and present them with this beautiful plate. It will definitely be a nice experience to share! Save this recipe or share it with the loved ones!

4 spring rolls on black serving board

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