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Why this DIET is ranked as the BEST

Published 3 years ago at 29 Aug 2019 by Alexandra Soare

“In 1973 Alvarenga Sonno survived 487 days in the ocean by catching fish and birds, and drinking turtle blood and rainwater.”

“In 1979 an 18-year-old Austrian, survived almost three weeks without drinking water. The police forgot him in a cell and he somehow made it after 18 days with no water.” 

Even to bring it on a funnier note: “the record for most eaten cockroaches in 60 seconds is 36!”

What do all these stories have in commune?


They are all newspaper articles that describe extreme situations where the human body endured a high amount of stress and adapted to the impossible (and yes, eating 36 roaches is considered an impossible task!)

And then.... you have headlines like this one:

„A glass of milk can cause Parkinson´s disease“ 

„Bacon and sausages give you cancer“

„Vegetarian diets increase the risk of cancer“

Really? The body that could endure consuming turtle blood for 487 days or the one that suddenly didn´t have access to water for more than 2 weeks, now gets „defeated“ by a glass of milk?

Isn't there something wrong with this?


I promised I would talk about the healthiest diets.  We will jump right in the fun part in a second. The reason why I talked about the headlines first is because the human body can adapt to so many different diets and often the media portraits us much more fragile than we are. With this in mind, listen to your body and find out the best diet for you.“

Let´s start with the fun part with the World Report's 2019 Best Diets.

While on this official list there are many funny ones like: Mayo Clinic diet or the Fertility diet, we will focus on the 4# best ones.

#4 Mind diet

The Mind diet was created in the lab as a way to protect your brain or at least try to lower the risks for some mental diseases (like Alzheimer’s for example!)

So what this diet is going to do is puts emphasis on foods that specifically protect the brain health like: green leaves, nuts, berries.

Mind diet macronutrient percentage

#3 Flexitarian diet

This regime was invented by vegetarians that allow themselves from time to time to consume meat. Because they are „flexible“ in this regard, the diet is called flexitarian.

Flexitarian diet macronutrient percentage

#2 Dash diet

While the Mind diet was created in the lab as a way for the scientific community to protect your brain, the whole purpose of the DASH diet is to protect you from hypertension (high blood pressure).

Interestingly enough, the main difference between this diet and the one at number #1 is only the amount of fats. The DASH diet focuses on reducing fats while the first one has a higher amount of good fats.

Dash diet macronutrient percentage

#1 Mediterranean diet!

The diet that each year beats up the competition in the rakings. Find out why!

The huge heritage:

While many diets nowadays are created in a lab or follow the current trends, the Mediterranean diet finds its core in ancient civilizations that survived the commotion of so many foreign influences.

The rules are simple: combine food that supports the taste and spirit of those who live in harmony with nature.

The most natural products are fiber-rich cereals like pasta, rice, bread, corn that get consumed every day with fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on olive oil and fish. This brings a huge advantage.

The best combination: 

Cereals are full starch (which provide us with energy) and some essential amino acids (which provide us with the „building materials “) but they are lacking some other essential amino acids like the lysin.

For this reason, legumes and fruits create a perfect synergy with the cereals.

While the meat is not completely eliminated, it is recommended a moderate consume along with a glass of red wine.

Being physically active is also considered part of the „Mediterranean diet!“


Mediterranean diet macronutrient percentage

Bonus #

Interestingly the Asian diet at place #10 is considered healthier than the Vegetarian diet #14

Pretty low on the ranking is the Paleo diet with number #34.

The ones on the last spot?

The Dukan Diet, the high amount of protein and difficulty of execution makes it too tedious to follow.

The Keto Diet is also ranked as some of the most difficult to follow and because of the health risk for liver and kidney, it is placed at the bottom of the list.

And definitely, a no-go diet is the cockroaches one!




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