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The weirdest diets

Published 2 years ago at 29 Aug 2019 by Alexandra Soare

While I was making research on the healthiest diets, I came across some diets that are "very questionable” and I had to share them with you!

There is only one plausible way to divide the weirdest diets: the ones during the Victorian Age and the ones after the Victorian age. So, let's jump into it!



The SWAMP DIET: The writer Thomas Short observed that usually obese people lived near swamps. The only logical conclusion? Move away from swaps.


The TAPEWORM DIET: why waste your time dieting when you can just infect your body with a parasite? Turns out that a tapeworm in your belly can interfere with your digestion and eat nutrients, so by feeding him, you are absorbing fewer calories. The only downside? Infections, meningitis and possibly dementia. 

 Tapeworm diet icon

The VINEGAR DIET: the good looking Lord Byron was proclaimed in the Victorian era, as one of the sexiest man alive. Everyone wanted to be like him, so he invented the vinegar diet, which he drank with water or with potatoes soaked in vinegar in an attempt to flush away the fat.


The COTON BALL DIET is pretty self-explanatory. The idea is to eat 5 cotton balls to make your stomach feel full and therefore eat less. This trend appeared in 2013 on YouTube.

Oh wait, you thought this crazy idea was from the Victorian Age?  Nope, as you can see, we also do sill things in our current time. So let´s move to diets after the Victorian age!

Cotton ball image



The BLOOD GROUP DIET: the principle of this diet is that certain blood groups can only handle certain nutrients. This restriction became problematic as it leads to a lot of serious deficiencies.

 Vampire picking blood type bags

The RAW FOOD DIET: the idea of consuming raw unprocessed food, is not that bad, as long as you don´t risk getting food poisoning with unpasteurized milk and uncooked meat.

SLEEPING BEAUTY DIET: instead of being awake all the time and think about food, why not go directly into a medically induced coma? You cannot eat if you are sleeping!

Woman sleeping with chip bag

The LAST CHANCE DIET (literally) it consisted of a 400 kcal per day diet. Supposedly it was a protein shake, but actually contained the leftovers from the slaughterhouse like horns, bones and tendons. It was literally the “last chance diet” as around 50 people died because of it!


5 HANDS DIETS: once a day you can eat five protein meals big as your palm accompanied by veggies and some small snacks like nuts or berries. This diet became famous in an attempt to explain how Victoria Beckham lost her pregnancy belly so fast.

Five hands icon

5:2 you eat whatever you want, but two days a week have to be under 500 kcal



The CLIP-YOUR-NOSE-WHILE-YOU-EAT DIET:  cover your nose so you can't smell what you eat.

Not being able to smell your food makes it less appealing, therefore you will eat less. It just looks weird if you do it in front of your dinner date.

 Woman clipping her nose

The FLETCHERISM DIET: the inventor called Fletcher (from here the name Fletcherism) was an art dealer. The insurance company back at the beginning of the century charged him more because of his weight.

For this reason, he decided to lose weight by chewing the food between 30-70 times and then spitting it out. He even made “chewing groups” with the sole purpose of monitoring eachothers and count if you were masticating enough.

A great way to meet new people, even if you cannot really talk to them.

Man chewing food



The HALLELUJA DIET humans are only designed to eat food created by God and that is mainly the raw food mentioned in the Bible. Taking in account God´s plan from Genesis 1:29, we should eat up to 90% raw veggies and fresh smoothies.

 Holy bible on a plate

The BREATHARINISM DIET Each of us could give up food, and in some circumstances water while taking energy from the vital force of the earth. It means sungazing and absorbs the sun’s energy. Unsurprisingly, quite a few people have died attempting it.



The ALCOLREXIA DIET: when life gives you alcohol, make also a diet out of it! This trend started in the modeling business because the models were heavily restricted on what to eat during the day so they would compensate later in the evening with alcohol.

The LEMONADE DIET: when life gives you lemons, make a diet out of it! This means saltwater and 6 to 12 glasses of lemonade for a minimum of 10 days!

Many lemons icon


The CABBAGE SOUP DIET: you are allowed to eat as much soup as you want plus small amounts of one other food (like fruit in the beginning and beef or brown rice toward the end)

You get pretty tired of the soup and you will end up eating less of it overall.


The KANGATARIAN DIET: indicates the vegetarian diet that allows the consumption of kangaroo meat. The only peak is that you should probably live in Australia if you want to have easy access to Kangaroo! A similar diet in Australia it´s also the Cameltarians, which means you are allowed to eat feral camel, typical from Australia


BABY FOOD DIET: You are allowed to eat one regular meal every day, but the rest has to be 14 jars of baby food. Apparently, this diet was made famous by Lady Gaga but got out of fashion because many claimed they left them more hungry than before.



The Andy Warhol DIET

In his book, he confessed his trick of staying thin. Every time he went out, he ordered food he didn’t like. At the end of the dinner, he packed the food and donated it to the homeless.



Some fruitarians will eat only what falls from a tree as they see it as the only way to live without harming other creatures. This sounds like a very notable thing to do, the only downside is missing some important nutrients and waiting for the fruit to fall.



So, we have seen ridiculous diets during the Victorian age and also after. The truth is that also the ancient Greeks had weird diets.

After a lot of research, it came up that they believed: 

-         In running naked

-         In regular vomiting

-         Being fat and ugly was also a sign of mental unbalance.

Ok, so let´s just all agree that some diets are just weird, no matter what time they were trendy.

If you want to make sure you are following the right diet, is the right blog for you!

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