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Top MAGNESIUM rich foods

Published 2 years ago at 11 May 2020 by Alexandra Soare
  • Do you sometimes feel pain and you cannot explain why?
  • Do you probably end up googling your symptoms and getting random answers?
  • Have you considered looking into magnesium, the forgotten micronutrient?

Solving the puzzle

I have a confession to make. Before starting university I didn't have a clear view of what an enzyme is. Don´t get me wrong, I heard the name before and I knew it was "something" fluctuating in our blood vessels, but other than that... no clue.
You cannot imagine my surprise when I found out that it is a catalyst, an object that sparks a reaction without being consumed.  It was like the Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King of the human body. That one protein that was "inspiring" other proteins to "action". 

Disclaimer: Now before you judge me, you should know that my biochemistry lessons were held in a neoclassic building that was too big to heat and too old to have microphones installed. Therefore when our professor was talking, we couldn´t really hear him. Most of my lessons, my colleagues and I were spending trying to decipher what was written on the chalkboard or comparing enzymes to movement leaders like Gandhi. End of disclaimer

Going back on track, we can all agree that enzymes are fascinating and we should take a look exactly at one co-factor in particular = magnesium.


Magnesium is involved in more than 300 different reactions. You can see how missing one part of the equation can start a cascade effect. That is why it is possible you might suffer from headaches, muscle sore, fatigue, high blood pressure and not know really why.

Why doesn't my doctor prescribe it to me?

As you noticed, one main reason is that he probably cannot redirect your symptoms to low magnesium, as there are other reasons why someone might have headaches or feel tired. 
However, there is also another important fact. Low magnesium doesn't show up in blood tests unless the deficiency is very high. The reason for this is that having the right amount of magnesium in the bloodstream is so important for the body that it would rather take it from other areas. Low magnesium will show up in tests when the deficiency is already significant.

How to get magnesium?

Supplements: there are so many different forms of magnesium out there and unfortunately not all are the same. That´s why, before picking up supplements, I would suggest first to try out magnesium rich foods.

Food before supplements

First, the foods that contain magnesium are also high fiber. By eating them not only you will benefit from this micronutrient, but you will add other essential nutrients to your diet.

How much magnesium do you need?

For adult women around 310mg and for adult men around 400mg a day!

Magnesium food options for a week

Vegan magnesium sources for a week

Now that you know which are the best magnesium rich foods, don't hesitate and write them down for your next grocery shopping.

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