I am a registered dietitian nutritionist from Austria. After graduating from the University of Vienna, I specialized in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and here is why: While writing my thesis on the effect of fiber on the intestine, the results were clear: a healthy gut is essential for a happy life! My mission is to help you get rid of any pain caused by IBS while providing you with accurate scientific information based on science!

Additional courses and training:

  • Advanced low FODMAP training
  • Intuitive Eating Fundamentals Course
  • Weight Management 2020 update

Publication Contributor at Medium.com:

Alexandra Soare
Alexandra Soare

You are welcome here. Yes you!

Real food advice, based on science.

This website is a collection of scientifically accurate insights about nutrition presented in an easily understandable way. Why? So you can finally lean back and relax knowing that the information you are reading is reliable and trustworthy.

Achieving a healthy body and a good feeling in your skin should feel easy. If it feels like a burden, then the method is wrong. As a registered dietitian, I can guide you through this process because I absolutely love sharing science-based tips. Drop a line and ask me anything!


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